AJ’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

AJ’s patent-pending Steam Cleaning process is a giant step towards not only conserving water, but also reducing the amount of toxic chemicals being dumped into the environment.

The innovation of our green business concepts re enforces our eco-friendly commitment to help the environment.

Our Sustainability Statement:

Being in business for over 25 years, we institutionalize a focus in our operations to always care for; people, the planet, and Profit.


We understand that sustaining a greener planet requires spreading information. AJ’s is committed to educating employees and customers on topics of sustainability, We present ourselves in meetings, public communities, striving to force the issue of sustainability. AJ’s also dedicates its Corporate Social Responsibility wing to promote inspire change in the community.


We use the tactical techniques to reduce our energy and water costs, to produce high-end detailing without having a heavy carbon footprint.

We use energy-star products, motion sensors, fluorescent and LED lighting, and have an on -site recycling program. We have developed a waterless car wash with steam cleaning methods to promote water reduction.


At Auto Auto Detailing we strive to be a profitable member to our community through traditional emphasis, but our detail business’s comprehensive definition of Profit also includes supporting and endorsing with partner companies embracing fair treatment of people and the community.

We run a sustainable “Greenwashing” Auto-detailing business without jeopardizing our pledges to the people and the planet. We are producing economic benefits through direct and increased revenues.

We are producing economic benefits through direct and increased revenues.

Come join our Green Revolution!

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